Self-Care for Families



One of my favourite things to do is to bring this work into families.

Doing this work within a family context gives us a bigger picture of our humanity and helps each person take better care of themselves while also holding space for other family members’ needs. It’s deep work and it’s life-changing.

Pre-COVID I was doing this work with families in person, and now I’m bringing it online.


*A quick note on what I mean when I say “family”:  In this context, I’m referring to any group of 2 or more people who care about each other, live together or spend a lot of time together, and want to be able to take better care of themselves while also caring for each other. All family configurations are welcome.





This work involves embracing our humanness and the messiness of real life.

We’ll look at your personal needs and how to get those needs met within the context of the other humans you care so much about. We’ll work out how you can help each other to get your needs met and how to navigate conflicting needs.

This work is inherently rehumanizing, empowering, and healing. When we’ve created our own personal “user’s manual” to better understand ourselves, our needs, and how others can help us with that, we naturally become more compassionate towards ourselves and others, and embrace the messiness of being human.


This work is about:

  shifting family dynamics that have been passed down generation to generation.

  teaching future generations the basic life skills we wish we’d been taught as kids.

  getting to know ourselves on a deep level.

  being kinder and more compassionate towards ourselves and others.

  understanding our inherent humanness.

  navigating the messiness of relationships and community.

  family members knowing how to help each other when someone’s struggling.

  learning how to get our needs met without viewing other people as an obstacle or an enemy.

  navigating conflicting needs with more ease.

  empowering everyone in the family through understanding the impacts we have on one another.






This work is highly personalized to your family’s needs. Depending on your particular family configuration and dynamic, we may start off working with one or two adult family members at a time, and then bring in other family members. We may also work with just one family member within the larger context of the family as a whole.

Because this is deep work, we’ll commit to working together for 12 weeks (with the option to extend beyond that).

We’ll begin with a deeper dive, where I guide you through the process of creating your personal “user’s manual” for how to care for yourself well (and how others can help you with that). Later sessions will be more focused on implementing, working with your particular family dynamic, and navigating things like conflicting needs and tough conversations.

We’ll do the work together, in real time, during our sessions. In between sessions, I’ll offer you some questions to ponder or things to experiment with.





All of our sessions are family-friendly and life-friendly. Kiddos need something? Interruptions? Background noise? Need to eat something? Need to move your body? That’s all fine.

We’ll be practicing and embodying self-care in our sessions, which means honouring your needs in that given moment.

Show up as you are with what you have. I’m all about you and your family members showing up as your whole selves. That’s how we get to the real stuff.

No need to clean up, dress up, or “have it all together”. No need to “fix” the things that are different about you. No need to pretend you don’t have a body with physical needs. No need to pretend you’re ok with something when you’re not. No need to be in an artificially quiet environment or pretend like real life isn’t happening around you. We’re doing this work in the context of your real life.

This is a space where you and your family members can show up as you need to, with what you have, and who you are. You get to decide how you want to be known in this space, whatever that looks like for you, even if it changes over the course of our work together.

I’m a neurodivergent, disabled human who navigates chronic illness, and there are lots of spaces where I can’t show up as my whole self. It matters to me that you and your family members be able to show up as your whole selves here in this work, in the ways that work best for you. I’m happy to adapt how we do things if needed. If you have any accessibility concerns or other concerns, we can talk about ways to best take care of those in our sessions.





12-weeks coaching via phone: $1850

12-weeks coaching via zoom: $2500

(flexible payment plans available)


Why the difference between phone and zoom? There are additional physical and financial costs for me to use zoom since I live in an RV, so this option has those added costs built in.





Before I begin working with a family, I like to get to know you and your particular family configuration/dynamic, and give you space to ask your questions. Then we can decide together if it’s a good fit and what particular structure will work best for your family (because every family is different).

Schedule a “get to know each other” call with me:


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