This is a challenging time for so many. I’ve received many questions from the community around how to deal with these challenges and how to better support their health during this time.

Below is a list of resources I put together in April 2020 to help support you in this difficult time.

You can submit your own questions/requests for additional resources at the bottom of the page.



Supporting the immune system with some basic principles (download audio, 16 min)

Creamy Mushroom & Wild Rice Soup (vegan, dairy-free) (download PDF)

Resting more and finding more ways to rest (download audio, 10 min)

Taking things off your plate in challenging times (download audio, 7 min)

Rethinking productivity and accomplishment in challenging times (download audio, 5 min)

Gratitude practice with some added nuances (download audio, 4 min)

Well-being journaling pages (download PDF)

Looking for joy and delight in the midst of challenges (download audio, 2 min)

4-7-8 breathing technique overview (download audio, 6 min)


Creating a new morning routine that truly works for you and your family with the Magnificent Mornings Workbook ($45 or FREE for those on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak)

(We always offer a limited number of partial and full scholarships to our online courses and digital products for those in need. If this is out of reach for you financially, please email, sharing a bit about your situation and we’ll do our best to work with you.)



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