Welcome Lovely

I’m so glad you’re here

If you know nothing else, know this:

You are not broken.

You are not inherently flawed.

And there is nothing fundamentally wrong with you.


I know, because I see you.


I see you care so deeply, and give with so much heart and soul, to everyone around you –– all the while forgetting that you deserve that same level of care for yourself.


I see you work yourself so long and so hard because some part of you thinks that just maybe if you get everything right on the outside, you’ll eventually get back on top of things, and then you’ll have time to care for yourself.



I see you trying all the self-help stuff and throwing your hands up in frustration because it’s just. not. working.



Here’s the thing: the generic stuff, the nice candles, the self-care spa days, even the yoga and green juice… that stuff can help with day-to-day stresses, but it doesn’t fix the problem.



Underneath it all, you need something different.



You need something that can make a fundamental shift in your life because — let’s be completely honest here — the way things are going now isn’t OK.


And while all those lovely day-to-day things may make you feel better for a little while, without addressing the underlying issues at play, you’re basically putting a bandage on a big, gaping wound.


To really feel better, long-term, you have to learn how to care for yourself.



That’s what I do.


I teach the how-to’s of practical self-care tailored to your needs, designed using tested methodologies to create tangible results.


(No bubble baths, fluffy thoughts, or cheesy affirmations required.)



Quiet Your Inner Critic


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