Speaking Topics Include:

Magnificent Mornings

Creating your unique ideal morning routine that supports your needs and allows you to show up with the capacities and abilities that are most important to you.

This process can be used for individuals and/or teams.

Building Your Stress Management Toolkit

Create your own, personalized stress management toolkit that helps you reduce unnecessary stress, effectively manage daily stressors, and bounce back from unexpected events and situations.

Effective for individuals and/or teams.

Finding Ease in Difficult Times

We will experience difficult times in our lives, and even in the midst of the hardest of things, we can find ease and even joy.

Offering questions and shifts in perspective to help you find more ease in the midst of difficult times.

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Claudia is not only one of the most generous people I know, she’s also one of the smartest. Compassionate by nature, she’s driven and dedicated to making a difference in her client’s lives. With the ability to help pinpoint the problem and give you a solution to overcome it, Claudia is what you need when stress is wrecking all sorts of havoc on your life, body and health.

Jenna Dalton


I knew I needed to do something and working with Claudia was a natural step. Looking back, I am so grateful that I met her when I did. The tools that Claudia taught me, her knowledge, and her support were the defining factors in me coming out the other side a happier and healthier person. Thank you so much.

Karen E.

Veterinary Technician

I am much more productive now, getting more done in six to eight hours of work than I previously did in 16. I am visibly happier, and sing and dance more around the house (a pretty clear give-away), and am less stressed and a bit more patient with others.

Christian N.

Business Owner & Founder

Claudia is smart, passionate and savvy, she knows her stuff!

Mariah Neeson


Working with Claudia has truly changed my life. I felt better, happier and more at peace than I ever have before. I can’t say enough about how great working with Claudia was for me.

C. B.